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Tunisia summary presentation

  • The most competitive economy in Africa (source: Davos forum)
  • Political and social stability
  • Country pleasant to live: 2000 miles of golden beaches, mountainous forests, captivating desert: the whole at a few hours of road
  • Avant-gardism as regards human rights
  • Degree of women emancipation without equal in the Arab world
  • The most important number of tourists received in Africa and in the Arab world (> 7 million per annum)
  • Open Country: beside mosques, exist churches and synagogues ( e.g Ghriba - Djerba)
  • 2nd world destination of thalassotherapy
  • Free alcoholic drink sale in commerce, hotels and restaurants
  • Developed network of infrastructures, highways, ports, airports and telecoms
  • In the middle of the Mediterranean: 2:15 from Paris, 1:30 from Rome, 1:45 from Milan (the largest airline companies are present in Tunis: Air FranceAlitaliaEmiratesBritish AirwaysLufthansaQatar Airways.)
  • Seat of many organizations and international institutions: African bank of Development . BAD, the Arab League for Education and Sciences . ALECSO.
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